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Short-Term Mission Teams

Would you be interested in bringing a group of Christians on a short-term mission trip to visit Belize Faith Missions? We are dedicated to leading the way for the emerging church in Central America to boldly step forward to face the complex reality of the hopeless and lost in their world. We could really use your skills.

Short-term missions are generally one to two weeks long, and provide you and your team members an opportunity to:

  • Experience a different culture
  • Interact personally with individuals in that culture
  • Serve the nationals and/or Christian workers in the culture
  • Form relationships with the nationals and minister together with them
  • Enjoy personal and spiritual growth as a "world Christian."

Organize a Short-Term Mission Team

Juniper Elementary School Team
Chris tutoring reading
building the school drinking fountain
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Missionary Resources

Be sure to consult your local health department to see which shots and/or medication you may need for your trip. In all cases, it is wise to have a current tetanus booster and a supply of Pepto Bismol and Imodium AD Advanced for the prevention and/or relief of diarrhea.

Juniper Elementary School's Short-term Mission Trip
Article and more pictures in the Victorville Daily Press.
DAY TRIPPER - group travel medical plan. Daily Rates as low as $1.08. Includes comprehensive medical, evacuation, repatriation, reunion, trip cancellation and lost checked luggage up to $100,000. Best plan for younger-aged groups! New Feature - apply online and get instant ID cards at

LIAISON INTERNATIONAL - Plans for non-Americans, too! Plans available if you are coming to U.S. or if you are going to another country.

Suggested Supplies for your First Aid Kit

Ace style bandages
Adhesive bandages
Adhesive pads
Adhesive tape
Bactine Antiseptic-Anesthetic
Benadryl Itch-Stopping Cream
Cold medications
Cotton balls
Hydrogen peroxide
Imodium Advanced Anti-diarrheal and Anti-gas
Moist towelettes
Neosporin antibiotic cream/ointment
Pepto Bismol
Sterile pads
Throat lozenges

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