Belize, the only English-speaking country in Central America

Belize Faith Missions, Inc., Est. 1958addressing needs of the children
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Links to information about Belize, Central America

map Map and facts about the nation of Belize

Belize - A Virtual Guide

History of Belize, A Nation In The Making

The Early History Of Belize

Mayan history

Garifuna Settlement Day Festival (good links to more about the Garifuna, or Black Caribs)

Munda Maya Online

History of the Garifuna (or Garifune)

Garifuna Culture (good bibliography)

Mayan Ruin Sites

Maya Sites in Belize

Xunantunich Photos

Caracol Archaelogical Project

Maya writing, government and religion

Maya writing

Belize, Country Study by the US Library of Congress, 1992

Weather in Belize

Media and Newspapers in Belize

Maps of Belize

Belize Audubon Society

Belize Zoo

Books on Belize

Belize Government Addresses

Constitution of Belize

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